Firm Overview

We value creative thinking and the art of crafting environments that enrich the user experience and help our clients' programs thrive. 



MDS/Miller Dyer Spears is an architecture, planning and interior design firm based in Boston. Working with institutions, schools, public agencies, developers, and communities, we specialize in a range of project types that foster innovation, learning, creativity and wellness. 

MDS was established in 1993 with a mission to create lasting environments that exceed expectations. We are proud of the many long-standing relationships we have developed with our clients, many of whom we have served for decades.

With a staff of 38, we undertake challenging projects of all sizes. Our talented team of designers and planners include LEED and WELL Accredited Professionals, Specifications Writers, a Certified Documents Technologist and a range of technical architects who bring third‑party oversight and quality assurance to our projects.

Harvard Medical School, External Education Department Workplace, Boston, MA, LEED-Gold certified

Harvard Medical School, External Education Department Workplace, Boston, MA, LEED-Gold certified


Across a wide range of project types, our work is characterized by its quality, technical precision, and long-term value.


Trusted Advisers

Our clients rely on us as trusted advisers and value our clear, open communication style. We begin each project by listening and developing an in-depth understanding of our clients' organization and mission. Through this lens we explore holistic ways to further our clients' broader goals, while addressing specific project needs. We anticipate challenges and advise on ways to prioritize scope, meet regulatory requirements, adapt existing facilities to new uses, optimize building performance, and enhance user wellness and comfort. We seek simple, elegant solutions that provide long-term value.

Innovation, Learning, Creativity + Wellness

Beyond meeting programmatic requirements, we strive to create environments that foster innovation, learning, creativity and wellness. We understand how social interaction improves learning and engagement and how social spaces spark collaboration and productivity in learning environments, research labs and workplaces. We value a creative challenge and seek to craft spaces that address these human factors and help our clients' programs thrive.

Prioritizing User Health

Enriching the experience of those who will occupy the buildings and spaces we design is the foundation of our approach. We are committed to designing environments that support user wellness and comfort, in addition to promoting energy and water efficiency, use of recycled materials, and responsible waste management. As a signatory of the Architecture 2030 Commitment, we have established procedures for tracking building performance metrics. We encourage an integrated design process and seek solutions that are appropriate for each project's unique context and programmatic goals. Read more about our participation in the Architecture 2030 Commitment and sustainable design methodology.

Experts in Architectural Technology

Creating buildings that will stand the test of time, not only aesthetically but physically, is core to our mission. Our team of specialized architects stay abreast of trends in the design and construction industries, and implement those with a proven record of success. We make extensive use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and related technologies as a design tool to streamline our process, facilitate a shared understanding of the design, and support integrated project delivery. We continually seek ways to integrate new technologies into our practice with the aim of providing durable, high performance, and cost effective buildings.