Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Zebrafish Facilities


The DFCI Zebrafish Facility holds 60-70,000 fish, used in mutagenesis and transgenic studies to identify genes involved in many types of cancer, such as T-cell leukemia, neuroblastoma and myelodysplasia. The lab's strict environmental controls help maintain fish populations in top breeding health for optimal utility.

Zebrafish Lab

Zebrafish Lab

Zebrafish Lab

Zebrafish Lab

The facility includes:

  • Two fishtank labs with racks of breeding tanks separated under strict quarantine protocols to prevent introduction of outside pathogens

  • Procedure rooms for dissection microscopes; macro-photography cameras isolated from vibration air tables; incubators; french press; research instruments and computer stations

  • Quarantine rooms with double-door vestibules for specimen and air flow control

  • Tanks for raising brine shrimp as food

  • Lighting controls to maintain multiple light/dark breeding cycles

  • Multiple back-up water systems, temperature controls, and filtration and sterilization equipment to ensure safe water level and quality

  • Phenolic resin casework, epoxy resin counters and stainless steel racks that are durable in the facility's extreme humidity

Photos by John Horner

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