My Way Cafe: Bringing Nutritious, Freshly-Prepared Meals to Students of Boston Public Schools



BOSTON, MA — Providing nutritious, freshly-prepared meals to Boston Public School students is a major priority for the City of Boston. Through an innovative program termed My Way Cafe, the City is partnering with the Shah Family Foundation to fund the construction of full-service kitchens in Boston Public Schools. The program seeks to transform the typical student dining experience, replacing frozen, prepackaged meals with fresh, healthy options that are cooked on-site.

MDS was engaged by the City of Boston to design and implement kitchen renovations to 25 schools as it expands the My Way Cafe concept after a successful pilot program in four East Boston schools, also funded by the Shah Family Foundation. MDS is working closely with Boston Public Schools, Boston Public Facilities Department and Shah Family Foundation leaders to design and implement kitchen upgrades that will open for the fall 2018 academic year.

Renovations involve reorganizing functional kitchen layouts, adding and replacing kitchen equipment with new combination ovens and steamers, cooking equipment, prep stations, hot and cold serving lines, and related plumbing, electrical and mechanical upgrades. Some schools need expansion of kitchen and cafeteria spaces to better accommodate food preparation with student dining, with relocation of some adjacent academic and student support functions.

The following schools are being renovated to facilitate participation in the My Way Cafe program:

  1. Samuel Adams Elementary School (East Boston)

  2. Dante Alighieri Montessori School (East Boston)

  3. Boston Day and Evening Academy (Roxbury)

  4. Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School (Roxbury)

  5. David A. Ellis Elementary School (Roxbury)

  6. Ellison Parks Early Education School (Mattapan)

  7. Fenway High School (Roxbury)

  8. Curtis Guild Elementary School (East Boston)

  9. Nathan Hale Elementary School (Roxbury)

  10. Haynes Early Education Center (Roxbury)

  11. Rafael Hernandez K-8 School (Roxbury)

  12. Henry L. Higginson School (Roxbury)

  13. Higginson Lewis K-8 School (Roxbury)

  14. Samuel Mason Elementary School (Roxbury)

  15. Donald McKay K-8 School (East Boston)

  16. Ellis Mendell Elementary School (Roxbury)

  17. Mildred Avenue K-8 School (Mattapan)

  18. Madison Park Technical Vocational High School/John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics & Science (Roxbury)

  19. Hugh R. O'Donnell Elementary School (East Boston)

  20. Orchard Gardens K-8 School (Roxbury)

  21. James Otis Elementary School (East Boston)

  22. Charles H. Taylor Elementary School (Mattapan)

  23. Maurice J. Tobin K-8 School (Roxbury)

  24. Mario Umana Academy (East Boston)

  25. Young Achievers Science & Math Pilot K-8 (Mattapan)

More information about the Boston Public School's fresh food program from the City of Boston.

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